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Simply run the command:. HPC distributes gfortran as a tar-file. Therefore each file contained in the tar-file should be removed. The easiest way to do this is probably to run the command:. This will remove all files but not directories, which may contain other files that are not to be removed.

To remove empty directories only, then run the command:. The R Project distribution is a. To list the files that were installed from this package, one needs to locate the "receipt", which is a.

On my system Mac OS X To find the file, run a command such as:. Once the appropriate file has been located, a list of files that have been installed can be found by running the command:.

How to install gfortran on Mac OS X – skipperkongen

Therefore, similarly to removing the HPC distribution, the files can be removed by running commands such as:. Does anyone have suggestions as far as what I need to download starting from the very beginning? Get started by installing homebrew. Homebrew is a package manager - it lets you quickly and easily download and install tools, libraries, and applications that are usually pre-compiled and always ready to work with your Mac.

Downloads - NAG Fortran Compiler Versions

Then you can invoke the command gfortran to compile your code. I've been using gcc in a mac and I never had a problem. You could try Simply Fortran for macOS. It includes a compiler and a development environment. On first run, it should trigger installation of some Apple development tools you might need.